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Im-aim.png First Steps: Appendix 2 Tut3


Hints for testing and error handling

In this article you will find out what you should do in case of a fault in order to support developers with debugging. You will receive information on how you can check for errors and how and where you can report a bug. But first, you learn something about the targeted search for errors.

An error occurs

You are doing something in DMXControl 3. Then suddenly:

Picture 1: Error in DMXControl 3 Beta
Picture 1: Error in DMXControl 3 Beta

The error occurs in the beta. It is not serious and can happen. But, it would be bad if this error is undocumented, because it can not be resolved. Therefore, you should proceed as follows:

Have a look into the Logs panel (Help => Logs). There DMXControl writes information about the latest events. At the bottom now one or more entries, as can be seen in Figure 2, are probably present.

Picture 2: Logs-Panel in DMXControl 3
Picture 2: Logs-Panel in DMXControl 3

Furthermore, these log messages are stored in files. This you should definitely export (Help =>Export log files), because they are needed later.

Picture 3: Export function for log files
Picture 3: Export function for log files

If you can reproduce this fault, please report it via bug tracker on DMXControl home page. The bugtracker for DMXControl 3 you can also find directly under

There all errors are collected so that the developers can easily see the error and fix it. You can report a fault completely anonymously, but it's better to register if there are any further questions. There is no further obligation.

Before you report a bug, please, first search if this bug is already listed in the bug tracker. If the fault a new one, you can report it via Create new task.

Picture 4: View of our Bugtracker
Picture 4: View of our Bugtracker

Please describe as accurately as possible how you came to this error. Please also attach your project and the exported log files to the new task in the bugtracker. Then, hopefully, the developers can fix this soon. Thanks for your support!

Known Issues

Issue: GUI Elements display glitches


  • This could look like shown below:
  • Also if you move windows it happens that thay are not displayed correct.


  • This can occur if you have a NVidia graphics card and use an old driver version.


  • I experienced this issue with a GeForce G 103M Driver Version 258.96 + PhysX 09.10.0513 on Windows XP x86_64.


  • unknown


  • Consider updating the driver to the latest version. Version 266.58 + PhysX 09.10.0514 is known to work.

Issue: Kernel not starting


  • Kernel does not start.


1 2013-01-07 12:50:38,692 [Main] ERROR org.dmxc.lumos.Kernel.Resource.Xml2ManagedTreeConverter - Error in Reading KeyValue Pair: Attribute
2 System.InvalidOperationException: Temporäre Klasse kann nicht generiert werden (result=1).
3 error CS0016: In die Ausgabedatei c:\Users\Jens\AppData\Local\Temp\tugsyzgs.dll konnte nicht geschrieben werden -- Zugriff verweigert.


  • Comodo Personal Firewall / Internet security installed


  • Comodo runs Lumos in a sandbox. This sandbox prohibits access to some files or locations.
  • Lumos uses XmlSerializer to (de)serialize objects that it doesn't know. To instantiate a XmlSerializer object the CLR creates temporary assemblies and loads them afterwards. These assemblies are stored in AppData\Local\Temp\ however the sandbox doesn't allow (write) access to this directory (wtf?)


  • Put Lumos.exe on the list of trusted applications
  • Should we contact Comodo and try to get on their shipped whitelist?
  • There is the possibility to generate this XmlSerializer assemblies at compile time and then ship them, but plugin authors would need to do the same. Then we get a huge chaos because there are different versions for the same types out. Also this stuff needs to be in the Kernel root dir... Stuff from third parties belongs in the plugin dir.

Issue: Grouping of icons ins stage view does not work.


  • If you hold down a button (e.g. m for matrix grouping) and move the mouse, the icons are not getting moved. Btw. this is not an issue in regards to Lumos, this symptom also occurs if you try this on your desktop


  • Synaptics Touchpad


  • Synaptics implemented an option called PalmCheck which should reduce cursormovement while typing. Whenever a button is pressed the mouse input gets disabled...


  • This option can be disabled unter Control Panel->Mice->Device Settings->Settings->(Point)->Sensitivity->PalmCheck

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