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With keyboard control DMXControl has steered modules in everyone by keyboard for itself, e.g. DMX channels can be put, started effects/stopped, the audio player start/stop, changed etc. attitudes of the Soundanalyzers on predefined values of devices so. By the free programming of the individual buttons lets themselves, one to the claims of one's own make conformist keyboard operation for DMXControl. This is primarily because one can access corresponding actions with respect to hardwares over single buttons advisable at events. E.g. the command line can be used or also assigned different chasers to the individual buttons by the connection of an external USB numeric keypad very comfortably. Till now, is for the banks concept at the keyboard control, not implemented yet unlike the command box, DMXIn and midi remote control.

Description and configuration

Configuring keyboard control

Picture 1: Opens the configuration window
Picture 1: Opens the configuration window

For the configuration of keyboard control you have to open the keyboard control configuration window over the menu « Configuration » Menu item « Keyboard control » first (see figure 1). All buttons are listed on the left side, the control elements in the configuration window. Since DMXC 2.12 the F1 button also can be covered with orders. This wasn't possible at earlier versions.

Picture 2: The Configuration_window
Picture 2: The Configuration_window

 Important Hint You store project-relatedly, the order assignment the file name is in the project list: PROJECTNAME.keyboard

The other table columns have following meaning and functions.

                 Module:     At the click to the field module a drop down list from which one can select one of the modules available in DMXControl opens.

The following modules can be selected:

no module selected.

Using command on the module audio.

Using command on the module Audio track player.

Using command on the module Beat Tool.

Using command on the module Chaser.

Command line:
Using command on the module Command line.

Command box:
Using command on the module Command box.

Cue libary:
Using command on the module Cue libary.

Cue list:
Using command on the module Cue list.

Using command on the module Devices in the graphical view.

DMX output:
Using command on the module DMX output.

DMXIn remote:
Using command on the module DMXIn remote.

Group selection:
Using command on the module Group selection.

Using command on the module Joystick control.

Using command on the module Master.

Midi Remote:
Using command on the module Midi remote.

OSC receiver:
Using command on the module OSC receiver.

Sound Analyzer:
Using command on the module Sound analyzer.

Using command on the module Submaster.

Using command on the module Textbook.

 Important Hint Plugins which support a control by the command box also seem additional here. This shall exemplarily be called MadMaxOne plugin here.
      MadMaxOne Plug-In:
Using command on the plugin MadMaxOne.

Device/Function:     The corresponding functions of the module are selected by a click in this field be able to depending on select module, or the device to be mentioned.
Channel:     By a click in this field an appropriate channel for a device can be adjusted or depending on module and function a corresponding action can be assigned.
Flags:     At a click on the field flags a dropdown list with which the corresponding flags can be put or deleted opens.

The following flags can be selected:

Toggle mode (T):
With the T flag a button can be configured as on/off switch button.

Use specified value (O):
With the O flag lets himself in, written down on the field, apply per cent value to the module/device.

Ask for value (A):
With the A flag a value written down more petition tightly on it can be applied to the module/device. At the click on the configured button an input window in which the value can be entered opens.

Ignore value 0 (I):
The handing over of a value of zero at not depressed button is ignored.

Value:     By a click in this field a corresponding value can be deposited quickly for a device or a function.
 Important Hint Both at ' '“Using indicated value“and“Questioning on value“the entered value is a per cent value in the area of 0. 000% to 100. 000% ' '. A input of values 0 to 255 or 0 to 65535 isn't possible here.

You find the administration part in the menu « Window » in the menu item « Keyboard control».

In the administration part you can adjust, whether keyboard control is active the depressed buttons are intercepted and whether keyboard control also works if exactly another program has the focus.


Picture 3: Keyboard control aktivating window
Picture 3: Keyboard control aktivating window

The configuration of the control elements is carried out this one elements almost analogously to the MIDI control. Every control element corresponds to a DMX channel whose value is used for the configured command. Another this one lets himself on the right side « Softpatch » configuring. Values of the DMX can into be distributed on arbitrary other DMX out channels with that. This is useful to e.g. only steer a certain devices with an external light desk.

Start the chaser Stop the chaser Start/Stop the chaser
Module: Chasers Module: Chasers Module: Chasers
Device/Function: Selected Device/Function: Selected Device/Function: Selected
Channel: Start Channel: Stop Channel: Start/Stop
Flags: -,-,-,- Flags: -,-,-,- Flags: T,-,-,-
Value: - Value: - Value: -

 Attention Programs can no longer globally question or intercept on button petitions by the new safety policy of Microsoft since Windows sight at an active user accounts control system (UAC). This speaks in it that at the activation this one « Global ». A fault appears attitude in the administration part. It therefore isn't possible in sight and Windows 7 with an active user accounts control system to steer DMXControl about keyboard control if exactly another program has the focus.


  Important hint It is valid for DMXControl 2.11 and more smally:So that these attitudes also are realized, the window must « DMXIn remote control » open and there the checking box « DMXIn remote control active » being active. For DMXControl 2.12 is no longer required.


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