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Here the audio analyzer is presented as a plugin in DMXControl 3.

Lecture 17: Audio Analyzer

The audio analyzer is implemented in DMXControl 3 as plugin and and you will have to enable it via Plugin Manager. It then appears as a menu item under Windows -> Audio Analyzer. The audio analyzer provides essentially the same features as the Soundanalyser of DMXControl 2.

 Important Hint This plugin is still in an experimental stage.

Picture 1: Audio Analyzer Window
Picture 1: Audio Analyzer Window

The main purpose of audio player is the automatic generation of beats from a song in order to trigger the beats in a beat-driven cue list.(see Lesson 11: Trigger).

The plugin contains several tabs:

  • Devices is responsible for the configuration. Here you choose the particular audio input
  • WithVU meter, Spectrum and Beat Detection you can select the different analysis method
  • Mood should analyze automatically and in real time the mood of an audio signal and the "Automatic Sound Controlled Light Show" lead (Vision!)
  • Using Beat generatorYou can manually create the Beats (Tap-key) or you can specify a certain Beats-Per-Minute (BPM) value

And now the question remains, how will the results of the analysis be assigned to drive the cuelist? You already have an idea? ... Of course, this is the same as the 'input Assignment' concept introduced in Lesson 22.

Picture 2: Assigning sound events using the input Assignment Window
Picture 2: Assigning sound events using the input Assignment Window


1) Activate the AudioAnalyzer. If your sound card does not feature internal redirection, and you currently have no external player available, use the microphone input as a substitute.

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