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Here you'll receive a summary of the possible executions of the show with DMXControl 3.

Lecture 21: Summary Execution of show

The two most important means of DMXControl 3 for controlling a show are

Furthermore, one can directly use the cuelist and external clients (eg OSC clients). With the soft-desk concept you can practically rebuild any manual lighting console. Particularly ingenious is that multiple people can control a show in parallel, e.g.:

  • One person controls the front light.
  • A second person is responsible for stage lighting.
  • A third person controls certain pieces of music (via timecode triggered cuelists).

There is yet another control agent in the execution:
In comparison to DMXControl 2, we have only 1 Grandmaster, but it does its job: All dimmer channels are impacted.

Picture 1: Grandmaster
Picture 1: Grandmaster

You get the Grandmaster via Controls -> Master


1) Set the Grandmaster to 50% and 100%. 2) Use two clients simultaneously in a network.

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