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The Pack & go function is a great help when you have to change the PC for the show for some reason. The function creates a ZIP file with the relevant files of a project.


Picture 1: The « Pack And Go » configuration window
Picture 1: The « Pack And Go » configuration window

This file can E. g. via USB stick on another PC be transferred and there "' manual"' unpacked are. Target directory are the projects directory (C:\my documents\DMXControl...) from DMXControl and the application data directory (see below).


In the menu window, you can select which files "should be ZIPed" via the check boxes. Terms of default all are selected.

==Tip(s)== Special instructions for unpacking on the target machine

  • We recommend you to create Pack & go file under Win7 not in the default installation directory, (XP: C:\Documents\[Username]\my documents\DMXControl Projecte; at Vista: C:\Users\[Username]\my documents\DMXControl Projecte) since there there writing and reading problems can give, if it does not work as an administrator.
  • Some users have asked for a memo. You can use Notepad for example. As long as the file in the project directory is located and it is just named like the project (<Projektname>.txt), so it will be packed to them by Pack & go.

  Important hint Special instructions for unpacking on the target machine

"DMXInRemote.dat" and "MIDIRemote.dat":

  • Vista/Windows7: "%APPDATA%\PopSoft\DMXControl"
    (z.B. "C:\Users\[Username]\AppData\Roaming\PopSoft\DMXControl\")
  • WindowsXP: Im DMXControl-program directory
    (z.B. "C:\Documents\[Username]\application data\PopSoft\DMXControl\")


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