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With the Scheduler tool (also known as Scheduler) to perform time-controlled since version 2. 11 shows, E. g. daily, weekly, any periodic or one-time tasks\/dates.


There are several tasks parallel programmable. The assignment of tasks to the dates is made using commands, how it is used by other tools.

 Important Hint In the version 2.11 was the Scheduler still in the experimental stage, so the point had to be under the menu item «Configuration» «Experimental parts of the program» selected. Since release 2.12, this is no longer necessary, because the Scheduler since this version belongs to the standard modules.

Picture 1: The Task Scheduler
Picture 1: The Task Scheduler


It adds a new task with the button « Add ». The window « planned execution » consists of four self explanatory:

  • Name of the execution
  • Date - here also periodic appointments can be selected
  • Zeit - fixed, random or recurring dates
  • Befehl - here the DMXControl activity command is mapped to

Picture 2: How to create a new execution
Picture 2: How to create a new execution

 Important Hint To run the appointments the Scheduler must be started, but minimized.

Tasks can be activated via the check box at the bottom of the window « Active » or the check box in the list before the name, or it can be disabled. Disabled tasks but are retained. The checkbox « execute retroactively » causes a task then later runs if the actual date DMXControl or the Scheduler was not started.  

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